Heinz Holliger - priceless and magical (or simply "party for the instruments"). How else could one describe this wonderful piece of his music, COncErto? Certo! cOn soli pEr tutti (...perduti?...)!. The piece itself was written as a 20th anniversary celebration of the Chamber Orchestra of Europe. Paying respect to its musicians and their character, maestro Holliger definitively manages to capture so much more. The spirit of an instrument, the spirit of the personality of the instrument, their connection... individuality within the group and importance of understanding and mutual collaboration - being part of the group, for creating something beautiful, whimsical. For creating art. Using very unconventional techniques for playing the instruments, he liberates the spirits of each musician, each soloist, to look and search for expression and understanding it. Arriving to the point where each solo, comes together in a magical great piece that more starts to look like a place. A real place. Not just the abstract space that is created by sounds, but a space that is hosting this group of people and instruments. And little by little, one forgets about the "unconventional" and starts to hear (=see) each instrument as a person, one that had really started to feel comfortable and aware of it self and its possibilities, and is not afraid to show. Also because it is surrounded by equally free spirited individuals, feeling the support and safety to show all the glorious colors. So... sort of like a party with your really really really good friends... where you know that you can be your most expressive, crazy, creative self and that you will have so much joy, and by that give joy. A true celebration of art, music and instruments (and of us who play them). And all of that experienced with and in collaboration with the creator - Maestro Holliger himself... priceless and magical.

Picture taken after the concert, featuring on the right side the message from maestro Holliger about performance Dejana gave

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