The Adventure called Darmstadt
or candy store for sound explorers & aural-thrill seekers

The magic of IMD will sure keep us creative and imaginative. One may or may not like each thing/event separately, but one surely can only love the whole experience. Or love-hate. But love nevertheless. The exceptional place that gathers exceptional creative minds, exploiting every art tool out there, or re-purposing ordinary tools to become and be used for expression... For creating. Through sound... And sight.
The place where you discover, experiment, experience... And dare to try yourself and take a step (or few) further. Establish the "I like" and "I don't like" paths for yourself. Because how would you ever know your "don't likes", if you have no chance to experience unusual, not-yet-convetional expressions... Thanks for all these exceptional discoveries and opportunities for doing, playing, creating - you, my dear IMD, and each one of "your" so many different and differently wonderful nerves, composed of people, - you inspire!
The place where the violin studio + showcase became our fun playground for new (and not so new) pieces to be played, played with, tried out, talked about... thanks to Graeme Jennings, and of course all -Zachary, Vladimir, Lorenzo, Takao, Alicja, Corinna, Lauren, Sofie, Sonia... Violin playing and violin talks at it's finest.
The place where everyone contributes and deserves a special "thanks", so... a moment to make just a few of those "thank you": Barbara Maurer, Tom Pauwels. Thank you Helmut Lachenmann, Peter Ablinger. Thanks David Helbich, Hans Thomalla, Patrick Hahn, Stefan Schreiber, Lydia Steier, Ensemble Interface, Anna d'Erico, Andrea Nagy, Bettina Berger, Christophe Mathias, Lena Krause, Eliza Brown, Jason Thorpe Buchanan, Bonnie Lander, Nina Guo, Dan Tramte, Mivos Quartet, Wojtek Blecharz, Edo Frenkel, Bradley Rosen, Liam Flenady, Phoebe Green, Klangforum Wien, Hannah Reardon-Smith, Angus Wilson, Alex Raineri, Kupka's Pinao... and so many (many) more...

And so inspired, off to to the new sound adventure...

photos by: Daniel Pufe IMD 2014 www.cinnamonatics.com
IMD 2014 photodocumentation


IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014
IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014
IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014
IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014
IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014
IMD 2014 IMD 2014 IMD 2014

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This video preview is an interlude and was a spark of inspiration for initiating and starting up artistic research.
The main concept of this artistic research (or rather artistic journey) is dealing, expressing and searching for new/extanded technique, technical expressions, contemporary music lines and meaning, thus broadening violin technique and repertoire. You will be able to follow updates and if you would like, you could also take part in some parts and performances of this project.

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