Magnetic collaboration, with Jasna Veličković, and custom made magnet instruments

Discovering Jasna Veličković’s work is quite trilling. She draws you in the special sonic world, with uncanny experimental, unconventional use of conventional. It comes then as a no surprise to further discover that in her search to speak out her mind through sound, she created a unique and new expressive vocabulary through a custom designed magnetic instrument.

This visually appealing instrument, with simple geometric shapes of the magnets (cube, rod, ring, sphere…) in some ways reminds you on Lego, a simple toy which awakens creativity and invention - but now in sound building.

Once you start to get to know more about it, you discover that it offers a wide range of electroacoustic-like sonic possibilities produced without using any computer nor interface that solely depend on the physical movements of the performer and the way the instrument is being played. Each and every movement made with the coil produces a change, as if it were a bow in contact with a string on a violin. And so it is very exciting to discover that something seemingly electronic and artificial can actually be acoustic and manually controlled.

It seems only natural to go into discovering and becoming a fellow performer on the instrument. Thus, I am very excited that a duo with Jasna has been born. And so the journey through the vide variety of possibilities of making music created for just magnet based instruments, but also music that can include a string acoustic instrument (violin or viola) sounds and colours started.

This magnificent instrument is just coming “of age” to be named, so be on a lookout for the “christening” by following Jasna’s website.

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More details and information of this project are going to be published soon on: www.dejanasekulic.com

This video preview is an interlude and was a spark of inspiration for initiating and starting up artistic research.
The main concept of this artistic research (or rather artistic journey) is dealing, expressing and searching for new/extanded technique, technical expressions, contemporary music lines and meaning, thus broadening violin technique and repertoire. You will be able to follow updates and if you would like, you could also take part in some parts and performances of this project.

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